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Online Registration Opens: Tuesday, September 5, 2017 by following this  LINK

In Person Registration: Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 5:30-6:15pm at the Fort William Gardens

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1. All Registration will go through our new UPLIFTER Account, payment may be made in person on the above dates.



CANSKATE       Register

Canskate is for beginners of all ages! Taught in a group setting, two days per week, by Club Professionals assisted by trained Program Assistants. Skaters progress at their own pace and receive ribbons and badges as they master various skills.
* Helmets are mandatory for CanSkate skaters unless otherwise instructed.

What is included in your CanSkate Registration?

– 10 week sessions of Instruction by Nationally Trained Coaches
– 20 hours of ice time for those who choose a two-day per week membership
– Skate Canada Membership and Insurance
– Participation in Theme Days, Element Events and our Annual Showcase


CanPowerskate is for the hockey players of all ages.  Taught in a group setting, one day per week, by Club Professionals.  Skaters progress at their own pace and receive badges as they master various skills.  Full hockey equipment is encouraged.

This program is geared for those skaters who can skate forwards and backwards the length of the ice and who can make a complete stop on command.

This season we will be dividing skaters into two groups based on the level of each skater. The specific 45 minute slot will be determined after the first session. City dependant on number of weeks per session, TBA.

*NEW* Pre-Star       Register

For the skater who are working on completing their stage 4-6 badges who has basic skating skills and who would like to learn basic figure skating skills. Taught in group lessons by Club Professionals in two sessions per week.

* Helmets are mandatory for skaters unless otherwise instructed.


Designed for skaters who have basic skating skills. Skaters may proceed through a Skate Canada Test Program and/or a Competitive Program. Lessons must be booked directly with the Club Professional of your choice.

Star 1-2                            Register

For the skater who are working on their Star 1-2 Tests in all disciplines.

Star 3-4                            Register

For the skater who have completed All their Star 2 Tests and are working on their Star 3-4 Tests in all disciplines.

Star 5-Gold/Competitive                    Register

For the skater who has passed the Senior Bronze Free skate / Juvenile Competitive test level.


This program is designed for Star 1-Gold/Competitive. Skaters and includes activities such as creative movement, simulated competitions, jump/ spin technique and stroking exercises. The program is designed to complement a regular session and accelerate the skater’s progress.

Star 1-2

Sunday’s 3:15-3:45pm, Tuesdays 5:30pm

Star 3-4

Sunday’s 3:45-6:00pm Monday’s 6:25-6:45pm (Off ice Jumps)

Star 5-Gold/Competitive

Monday’s 3:30-3:50 (Off Ice Jumps), Tuesdays 5:50-6:10pm

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